Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Modeling Career Begins

The Vegetarian Society here in Singapore just put me on the cover of a pamphlet about eating less meat. As someone who eats less meat than a lot of people, it's something that I was suited to. Two people cutting their meat intake in half is just as good as one full vegetarian for all the animal welfare and environmental benefits, so even if you don't have it in you to go totally veggie, reducing your meat consumption is a good plan.

They did the photo shoot back in December. I was by myself holding a blank sign, and they photoshopped the words onto it and then photoshopped me together with all the other folks. I didn't know that's how these things were done, but now I do. They wanted to fit the demographics of Singapore and have young people, and I gave good Indian boy.

I recently asked my department head about doing PETA-style nude guy modeling. She told me that the university administration comes from a fairly conservative Chinese culture and it could get me in trouble, so for better or worse there won't be any of that for the time being.
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