Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, That Was Fast

My iPod ran out of batteries at the gym last night. This put me in the unfortunate situation of having to listen to cable news. Anderson Cooper's primetime show had four guests:
  • Paul Begala, former advisor to Bill Clinton
  • Ed Rollins, GOP campaign operative
  • Joe Johns, CNN correspondent
  • Dana Bash, CNN correspondent
Johns and Bash dutifully reported that Democratic nervous nellies wondered if the passage of health care reform would be Bad for Democrats. Rollins thought that somehow a deficit-reducing bill would have resonance with young voters for spending them into debt. In other words, he just made shit up.

During the commercial break there was an ad for the upcoming Larry King Live featuring Michael Moore to talk shit about the health care bill. Lord knows I'm with Atrios that this thing is imperfect, but there aren't that many people like me. HCAN and the House Democrats and various other left-leaning institutions really need to get their act together and sell this thing. The President can't do it all by himself.

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Helen Bushnell said...

Does CNN even invite people who would talk about the benefits of health care?