Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Government Liberalism In The Weird Awesome Future

While I'm arguing with Ygz, I'll criticize his old post about the end of big government liberalism that he's just referenced.

If there's one thing I'm convinced of about the future, it's that it's going to be really weird in ways we can't imagine right now. There's going to be all sorts of crazy new technologies. Some of them are going to transform human social relations in ways we can't predict in advance. Others might make life utterly awesome for those who have them, making it an important big government liberal cause to provide them to everybody. The government is violating people's right to pleasure if it doesn't fund the writing of the program that allows people to set themselves up with whatever awesome sex dreams they want once they download it into their brains through the USB slot in the back of their necks! We need to discover the minimal physical unit that can have the experience of intense pleasure, and devote huge resources to manufacturing them by the quintillions!

Or so I want future progressives to argue. You guys know I'm a hedonic utilitarian and I'm not kidding.

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