Thursday, April 7, 2011

The House GOP Leadership Emissaries

Josh Marshall notices something about the Obama/Boehner/Reid neogitations that I was picking up on. Boehner seems unable to speak for the Tea Party wing of his caucus, resulting in "negotiations" wherein the Democrats in the room try to get Boehner to agree to concessions, but he doesn't have enough confidence that he can get the rest of his party to go along. The result is that Boehner keeps shuttling back and forth between White House huddles and chats with House Republicans. Even if he personally is willing to go to great lengths to avoid a shutdown, he seems unable to convince them of the political peril involved in going through with one.

Maybe he should try crying in front of them. I hear that works.

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jfaberrit said...

Minor nit: David Kurtz, not Josh Marshall, not that it changes the point.