Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Cannot Stop Scott Brown, You Can Only Hope To Contain Him

As of yet, no one of any consequence has yet to their neck out and challenge Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

The dynamics here are rather frustrating. A number of current and former Representatives in the state -- most notably Michael Capuano -- could give Brown a run for his money, if not win outright. But since Massachusetts is such a solid Democratic state, they seem to prefer to wait until Brown either gets bored or the political climate reaches a point where a Senate run would be almost 100% risk free. This sort of undue caution is a bit silly; no campaign is an absolute shoe-in, and high-quality candidates elsewhere in the country seem willing to take on significantly more risk when running for office. Why should Bay State Dems get a free shot at the seat?

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Charlene said...

This isn't just a MA problem. In Kentucly, who would have guesses Rand Paul could necome Senator!

With the Citizens' United atmosphere, anyone can get elected.