Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Counter Counter Counter Conventional Wisdom on Anthony Weiner

I think we need to take seriously the possibility that the female members of the House Democratic leadership, as well as the female members of the rank-and-file, are actually personally upset with the behavior of a certain Congressman from New York City. If any of these photos were unwanted, Weiner would quite clearly have engaged in some form of sexual harassment. Obviously there's political calculus involved in any public official's statements, but we need not eliminate the human element from the equation entirely.


Ursula said...

Before somebody trolls, Nick is obviously talking about sexual harassment not in the codified legal sense but the more general societal sense. Any woman who regularly participates in open internet fora like Twitter faces the possibility of unwanted sexual advances like the one Weiner made, and those unwanted sexual advances, even if they don't fit into legal definitions of sexual harassment, create more general societal problems by reducing women's participation in these fora.

Charlene said...

Hey I'm a woman and got to "enjoy" real stupid men acting badly in the work place. Getting a dick pic from a guy is not harassment. I have a whole file of them. Some are even duplicate pictures from different [ashamed of their real junk obviously] guys. There was a time when several friends and I traded pictures and drew straws on who was going to meet the dick and see if it was real. It was so much fun to see the guy disappear and change his log in name when confronted with an aggressive woman intent on personal evaluation of his asset.


PS. A strange man acting like an idiot is not going to stop me from participating in the internet.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Charlene, you're awesome. But I think we need to make the world a safe place for people who don't have your gung-ho attitude or your cool friends.