Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going To New Zealand, BRB

Ash cloud permitting, I'm going to be flying down to New Zealand tonight for the Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference, which is in Dunedin. So there probably won't be much blogging from me until July 9 or so. From July 14-17 (which I guess will be more like the 13-16 in American time zones) I'll be at the Naturalisms in Ethics and Australasian Philosophy of Religion Association conferences in Auckland. There should be time for blogging after that, especially when I'm hanging out in Tasmania. But for the next week-plus, this site will be in the hands of the gentleman at the center of the picture.

If you're interested in my travel schedule for July, I have it here. I travel the United States (mostly east of the Mississippi, but there are some western places too) in the fall, powered by a generous travel grant and a semester of leave. If you're interested in hanging out sometime, let me know!

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Jmota93 said...

Very awesome! I've always wanted to go to New Zealand and Austalia! Hopefully you don't get affected too badly by jet lag