Monday, June 13, 2011

Post-NBA Thoughts: LeBron And The Dirkwasher

I'm sure the people who hate LeBron James are enjoying themselves now, and it's their right. In addition to all the leaving-Cleveland stuff, he is kind of dour and annoying, and when he loses I hope the haters get their full measure of enjoyment out of it. This is entertainment, after all.

But looking back at his decision to go to Miami, you'd have to say that it's turning out reasonably well. The Heat won their Eastern playoff series 4-1 each time, beating some formidable teams along the way. With seven more points distributed over two games, they'd be holding trophies now. While Boston, LA, and San Antonio are aging, they're still reasonably young. I'd imagine they'd be anyone's title favorite for next season. I would've liked him more if he had said that and talked up his team instead of just dissing his haters.

Anyway, if you're looking for more interesting NBA commentary today I'd suggest Matt's post on Dirk Nowitzki and immigration. In comments I defend immigration by comparing Dirk to a robot who washes dishes and then to a large number of Mexicans.

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Personal Home Inspector said...

For all Lebron fans, let's just hope that he will recover from his last battle. For me, that was quite the worst, considering that that was finals.