Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bring Back The White House Office Of Political Affairs...

...So that there is someone around to tell Barack Obama not to make Kathleen Sebelius his HHS Secretary. I've said this before, but this is very clear cut:
  • There are a half dozen people who would be roughly as effective as Sebelius at being the HHS Secretary.
  • There are exactly zero people who would even be one tenth as effective as Sebelius as a Democratic Candidate for Sam Brownback's Senate seat in 2010.
  • The bottleneck to getting things done is the lack of cooperation from Republicans. Either we need fewer Republicans, or Republicans need at least one more electoral drubbing before deciding that maybe their policies need to change.
  • Either way, Democrats needs as many hands on deck for the House and Senate races. We can't afford to lose Sebelius.
Obama has already pulled Janet Napolitano away from running for Senate in 2010; he can't do the same thing with Sebelius. He just can't. Someone has to tell him there are competing priorities beyond building his ideal cabinet.
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