Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gaming With Bloggers (Fake Plastic Instrument Edition)

The stimulus bill is headed to conference, no cabinet nominees seem to have been derailed, and the Village seems to be on remarkably good behavior by Village standards. I say it's high time to take a few hours' break this weekend. This Sunday, Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon and I will be playing a little Rock Band 2 over Xbox Live, and we invite all of you to join us. Whether you play guitar, drums, or sing, send a message or friend request to 'niq24601' -- that's me -- and maybe tell us what instrument you want to play. The music starts at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific and will probably
run between two and three hours. We'll send out game invites throughout that time, so even if you don't get one right at 4, stay online!

And just as a heads up, using 'gay' or 'rape' in that casual gamer way will get you kicked. Don't do that.
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