Monday, February 9, 2009

600,000 Jobs For Pelosi To Save From Snowe And Nelson

Matt's been doing the Lord's work lately, pointing out how the Snowe/Nelson stimulus deletions rip out highly valuable stuff from the bill like school construction spending and aid to states, even as Snowe and Nelson praise those very things in their public comments.

I'd assume that Snowe and Nelson aren't driven by any principled opposition to school construction and such here. They're just trying to do the thing that maintains their moderate images. The optimistic take going forward is that they've accomplished that, and the image gains they've achieved won't be lost if their changes get undone in conference committee. So they don't have that much of an incentive to fight hard for the substance of the legislation.

If they don't, I hope Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats call out the two Senators who took 600,000 jobs out of the stimulus package, in exactly those terms.
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