Monday, February 9, 2009

Specter to House: Drop Dead

No Arlen, Fuck You. Entering House-Senate negotiations by saying you expect the Senate bill to come back completely intact. I continue to be confused by the intransigence of Chuck Grassley and Dick Lugar, who represent Obama states and have in the cast be reasonable guys. Perhaps further trips to the Midwest by President Obama would change their mind.


Blue said...

Meh, it's pretty understandable for him to want the bill he wrote to be what passes, and it's a general opening negotiating position.

Supposedly you can't filibuster a conference committee report (which makes sense, since there is no debate). If so, his vote is irrelevant.

I think how the conference committee is used to shape legislation between the house and senate will be one of the most pivotal and interesting stories of the next 2 years.

corvus said...

Kagro X seems to think it still needs 60 votes. I think.

Nick Beaudrot said...

You can filibuster a conference report but not amend it. You can have a motion to send it back to conference.

Anonymous said...

When has Grassley ever been reasonable? This is the man who compared people who told the truth about Bush's tax cuts to Hitler.