Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HHS: Herb Kohl? The Marylanders?

I was going through the list of Senators to find a possible replacement for Tom Daschle as HHS nominee. Screening for longtime Senators with good public health records who come from blue states* with Democratic governors, Herb Kohl caught my eye -- dude is 73 and has been in the Senate for twenty years, so when he calls up and begs someone to vote for Obama's bill, that may turn out well. I don't know what his re-election plans are. The Marylanders -- Mikulski and Sarbanes -- also appeared interesting.

*I suppose Wisconsin is an indigo state, or maybe an aquamarine state if your color vision is as bad as mine. Obama's comfortable margin of victory makes the red/blue talk a little bit less useful, because we have less of a down-the-middle division that splits the country into neat halves. I guess that's how his presidency transcends the red/blue division and unites America...
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