Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dudes Need To Step Up

I'm wondering why we haven't seen more members of Obama's all-star economics team stepping up to defend items in the stimulus package. I'd love to see, say, Paul Volcker out there saying what we have to do. And if Larry Summers wants a big helping of feminist forgiveness, there's not much better he could do than step up and defend family planning and STD prevention funding.

I feel like I'm in August 2008 again, wondering why these guys don't care about winning news cycles and aren't putting up hard-hitting ads. And sure, it worked out well back then, but this time around there's no legitimate analog to spending your money on the field operation.


dr said...

How about working on the day to day task of running the government? That seems like a pretty good use of the administration's time.

Anonymous said...

At this poiint it might make sense to do a bunch of spending bills that don't require 60 votes. They can totally circumvent the Republicans and get something done.