Friday, February 6, 2009

Run, Sebelius! Run!

This is just patently obvious: Kathleen Sebelius should not be the next HHS Secretary; she should be the next Senator from Kansas. With the stimulus debate it's become abundantly clear that the main bottleneck to Getting Things Done is the Know-Nothing economic attitude of large numbers of Republican elected officials. The only way one can hope to change that is by delivering repeated electoral defeats to the GOP. Obviously losing 14 Senate seats and 50 House in two years has not been enough, so Democrats will need all hands on deck for a third offensive campaign in 2010.

There are probably a dozen or more people qualified to be the next HHS Secretary. There isn't even one other person who can be the next Democratic Senator from Kansas. I don't care if she wants to be the chair of the Appropriations committe, Bob Menendez shoudl give it to her.
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