Saturday, February 7, 2009


She's in your House, repairing your stimulus package through the conference committee process. Wish her luck.


corvus said...

Come on, Nancy, roll like it's 2005!

I never thought I would read an article and find myself rooting for Steny Hoyer.

drip said...

Steny is my rep in the People's House. He is a conservative guy by nature but he will carry out Pelosi's orders effectively. In a partial defense, he stood tall on the FISA relief measure until the last possible minute, finally supporting Pelosi's cave in.

Obey is a true warrior, by the way. It seems a shame that all the high minded debate that went on in the Senate was wasted. Kidding, really.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Huh, everybody I was reading had it the opposite way on telecom immunity, drip -- Hoyer was the one selling us out to the big telcos, whether or not Nancy wanted it.

drip said...

I'm no fan of my man Steny, but he got a bad rap on FISA. Hoyer was pretty strongly against the telecom immunity provisions until Pelosi pushed the amendment . I took Pelosi to be completely compromised by her participation in the law breaking as having been a member of the Gang of 8 from the early '90's till now, first as ranking member on intelligence, then as minority leader and speaker. My point was not so much about Hoyer's politics, but his authority as the majority leader. Like I said, I think he'll carry out Pelosi's direction, whatever his own views are.