Friday, February 6, 2009

Cry Me A River

It's nice to see the Washington Post allow itself to be used as a conduit for network executives who, having made nary a peep about primetime preemptions during the Bush era (financial meltdown, immigration, Katrina, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, 9/11 ... am I missing any?), suddenly decide that a couple of appearances by President Obama will be just too much for either the networks or their poor beleaguered viewers to bear. Gimme a break. Obama currently enjoys approval ratings George W. Bush hasn't seen since June of 2003; while I'm sure The Today Show will be able to dig up a suburban white male small-business owner (read: someone who has a number of demographic predispositions to being a Republican) who was unhappy that they're a week behind on House, given the state of the economy I suspect most people will be fine with seeing Obama on the teevee.

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